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Critical Reagents Program

The Critical Reagents Program materials are available through BEI Resources. Critical Reagent Program materials can be identified by the "DD" catalog item number prefix.

The materials include:

  • Select agent inactivated antigens

  • Genomic materials from traditional and non-traditional biological threat agents

  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody preparations against biological threat agents

CRP Logo

Any scientist* who is registered with BEI Resources may request materials provided by the Department of Defense Critical Reagents Program (CRP) through the BEI Resources online catalog. BEI Resources forwards the request to NIAID for approval. Upon NIAID approval and issuance of permits, reagents will be shipped to the requestor directly from the CRP production laboratory. CRP reagents are not manufactured by or stored at BEI Resources. For technical questions about CRP materials, contact the CRP office directly.

*Scientists working for DoD agencies must order directly from the Critical Reagents Program and not through BEI Resources.