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Registration to Receive Biosafety Level 4 Materials from BEI Resources Now Open


BEI Resources has now opened up registration for Biosafety level 4 materials.  Registration requirements and documents can be found by clicking here. Once registered, Level 4 registrants can view and order materials appropriate for their Biosafety Level 4 laboratories.

The Biosafety Level 4 collection will include viruses, RNA and inactivated antigens from Biosafety Level 4 agents. The viruses will only be available to qualified laboratories in the United States. The RNA and inactivated antigens will be available without a Biosafety Level 4 registration clearance.  BEI Resources will continue to add more organisms and reagents to this collection in the coming years.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding registration or the Biosafety Level 4 Collection.

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