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Chikungunya Viruses - Now Available for Order

Chikungunya Viruses - Additional Strains Available

BEI Resources announces the addition of two novel BSL3 strains of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), R-91142 and 182/25, to the catalog of available items. CHIKV is a mosquito-borne alphavirus that is mainly associated with acute febrile illness. Strains R-91142 and 182/25 CHIKV are of Asian origin. Strain 182/25 is the recently developed vaccine candidate and the only CHIKV strain to be tested in humans. Coming soon to the BEI catalogue is the CHIKV African prototype strain, S-27.


Chikungunya Virus, R-91142 (cell lysate)


Chikungunya Virus, 181/25 (cell lysate)


Chikungunya Virus, strain S-27 (cell lysate) Coming soon!

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