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Welcome NARSA Researchers!
The NARSA Strain Repository is transitioning to BEI Resources, NIAID's centralized research reagent repository in May 2014. Due to this transition, Eurofins will no longer be registering users after March 14th, 2014. Eurofins will no longer be taking orders in May.  All orders after May 23rd, 2014, should be made through BEI Resources.

Registration for the BEI Resources program can be found at this link below. NARSA Strain requestors will need to register for Level 2 for continued access to the NARSA Strains. ** Please note if you are an existing NARSA registrant, BEI Resources will contact you after the Annual Meeting with specific registration instructions and paperwork to facilitate your registration.

Once registered with BEI Resources, researchers will have access to the full BEI Resources catalog (within the respective Biosafety Level). The catalog has over 12,000 research reagents representing more than 400 Genus and Species focusing on NIAID's Category A, B and C priority pathogen list and Emerging Infections.

Once registered with BEI Resources, ALL investigators will receive FREE shipping and handling on orders placed through BEI Resources.

Please feel free to contact BEI Resources by email: or by phone: Toll-free telephone number: (800) 359-7370 (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time) with any questions or concerns.

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