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The Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center (FR3), formerly known as the Filariasis Repository, was first funded by the NIAID/NIH in 1968.  The overall objective of the FR3 has been to facilitate and stimulate research in filarial diseases.  Filarial parasites have complex life cycles and must be experimentally maintained by alternate passage through mammalian definitive hosts and arthropod vectors.  Filariasis research, however, requires collection of large numbers of parasites; and methods of in vitro culture are severely limited.  The FR3 has served as a unique supply source of filarial research materials, and technical information, for investigators who are not able to cyclically maintain these parasites; and as a backup facility for investigators who experience difficulties maintaining their own life cycles. 

In 2010, BEI Resources began supporting the FR3 by helping make the reagents available to the BEI Resources research community.  BEI Resources currently distributes molecular clones and is beginning to develop more reagent product lines including proteins and antibodies for filarial research.

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