Anopheles funestus

A. funestus Chromosome Images

Technical Information and Source of Higher Quality Images

These chromosome images are courtesy of Guiyun Yan (, Department of Biological Sciences,,State University of New York at Buffalo, Hoch 219 * Buffalo, NY 14260). They are similar to those printed in the manuscript "Linear and spatial organization of polytene chromosomes of the African malaria mosquito Anopheles funestus". Sharakhov, IV. Sharakhova, MV, Mbogo, CM, Koekemoer, LL and G Yan. Genetics 159:211-228, 2001. Medline

The images will appear screen-width, but are larger than resolution of most displays will allow. Please download the images to display them in a larger format.

X Chromosome

Chromosome 2 (Polytenes)

Chr. 2R

Chr. 2L

Chromosome 3 (Polytenes)

Chr. 3R

Chr. 3L

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