Parasitology and Vector Resources Update

A recent review of the BEI Resources parasitology and arthropod vector research collection shows a significant increase in the availability of organisms and biomaterials supporting research of parasitic diseases.1

Since 2010, the BEI Resources collection has expanded with integration of the Malaria Research and Reference Reagent Resource (MR4), the Schistosome Resource (SR3) and the Filariasis Research Reagent Resource (FR3) Centers, the Black Fly Research and Resource Center from the University of Georgia, and by the continued contribution of strains and reagents by the research community.

The parasitic protozoa collection now totals over 500 wild-type, transgenic, reference and clinical isolate strains representing 10 genera, along with nucleic acids, antibodies, recombinant proteins and expression vectors integral to the study of many neglected tropical diseases.

Disease vectors such as ticks, mosquitoes, triatomines, sandflies and black flies are available in a variety of life stages. Please consult the Vector Resources catalog for a complete listing of available vectors, protocols and additional information and helpful resources.

To learn more about these reagents, to suggest a new reagent, or to learn how to contribute to the collection by making a deposit, please visit the BEI Resources website or contact Customer Care at



  1. Molestina, R. E. and T.T. Stedman. “Update on BEI Resources for Parasitology and Arthropod Vector Research.” Trends Parasitol. 36 (2020): 321-324. PubMed: 32035817

Image:  Photomicrograph of fluorescent antibody-stained Brugia malayi (CDC/A.V. Sulzer)

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