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DescriptionBEI Resources NumberExpected AvailabilityGenus Species
Mycobacterium tuberculosis 97-2437 NR-30945 Spring 2020 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Borrelia recurrentis PBek NR-51672 Summer 2020 Borrelia recurrentis
Borrelia recurrentis PAbJ NR-51674 Summer 2020 Borrelia recurrentis
Borrelia miyamotoi HT31 NR-51675 Summer 2020 Borrelia miyamotoi
Mycobacterium ulcerans S4018 NR-51701 Summer 2020 Mycobacterium ulcerans
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, KT-0001 NR-43786 Summer 2020 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Helicobacter pylori, CPY6271 NR-43641 Summer 2020 Helicobacter pylori
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, KT-0002 NR-43787 Summer 2020 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, KT-0038 NR-43823 Summer 2020 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Borrelia afzelii Pko NR-51676 Summer 2020 Borrelia afzelii
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Results