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Parasitic Protozoa

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DescriptionBEI Resources NumberExpected AvailabilityGenus Species
Leishmania major HOM/UZ/91/RM NR-50596 Winter 2021 Leishmania major
Entamoeba invadens CK (+luc) NR-51615 Winter 2021 Entamoeba invadens
Leishmania major HOM/CN/99/Gansu-Wang NR-50595 Winter 2021 Leishmania major
Leishmania tropica HOM/TR/03/EP82 NR-50598 Winter 2021 Leishmania tropica
Leishmania braziliensis HOM/BR/75/M2903   NR-50608 Winter 2021 Leishmania braziliensis
Showing 1 to 5 of 5 Results