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Parasitic Protozoa

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BEI NumberDescriptionDesignationLevel
NR-50600 Leishmania turanica RHO/CN/99/KMA2 BEI Level 2
NR-50601 Leishmania gerbilli RHO/CN/62/20 BEI Level 2
NR-50602 Leishmania donovani HOM/IN/83/AG83 BEI Level 2
NR-50603 Leishmania infantum HOM/TR/03/ADANA #7 BEI Level 2
NR-50605 Leishmania infantum HOM/CN/93/KXG-LIU BEI Level 2
NR-50609 Leishmania panamensis HOM/PA/71/LS94 BEI Level 2
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 Results