Product Announcements

BEI Resources is pleased to offer information regarding new reagents and featured organisms in the collection. Please see below for recent announcments. If you would like more information about one or more of these products, please contact our Technical Services Department

Featured Bacteria: NR-38, NR-411 and NR-1400, Bacillus anthracis strains

Bacillus anthracisBacillus anthracis Ames (NR-411), Bacillus anthracis Pasteur (NR-38) and Bacillus anthracis Sterne 34F2 (NR-1400) are available for research use in studies of Bacillus anthracis containing the different plasmid profile conformations. NR-411 was deposited as a Bacillus anthracis pXO1+, pXO2+ strain. NR-1400 Sterne 34F2 was deposited as a Bacillus anthracis Sterne pXO1+, pXO2- and is by CDC definition a select agent exempt strain. NR-38 Pasteur was deposited as a Bacillus anthracis Pasteur pXO1-, pXO2+ strain. 

As we go through a polyphasic phenotypic and genotypic characterization process at BEI Resources and ATCC and enter collaborative studies with other laboratories for further genomic DNA characterization of the Bacillus anthracis collection, we anticipate the addition of even more highly characterized strains in the available inventory. Having different plasmid and genomic backgrounds, as well as isolates with varying genomic backgrounds, will enable researchers to have more strains available for therapeutic research, gene expression studies, vaccine studies or other types of comparative studies. 

Featured Toxins: NR-742, Ricin Toxin and NR-857, Shiga Toxin

Ricin ToxinRicin (NR-742) and Shiga Toxin (STX, NR-857 and STX2, NR-4478) are members of a large family of ribosomal inactivating proteins (RIPs). While they share their mechanism of action as RNA N-glycosidases which act upon the 28S ribosomal subunit, these two toxins are structurally distinct.

BEI Resources offers a full line of reagents related to Ricin Toxin and Shiga Toxin to facilitate research and development of vaccines, therapeutics, and detection technologies. In addition to purified, active toxin, we offer subunits, toxoids, and antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal) in the catalog.


Featured Virus: NR-63, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus, TC-83

Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis VirusVenezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus (VEEV) is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus in the Alphavirus genus of the Togaviridae family. It can cause severe febrile illness and encephalitis in both humans and livestock, and is classified in the NIAID Category A, B, and C Priority Pathogens as a Category B Biological Disease. 

We are offering this attenuated strain of VEEV (NR-63) in addition to other strains such as: Trinidad (NR-118), 3880 (NR-119), Mena II (NR-120), and Trinidad Donkey (NR-332). Additionally, we have numerous reagents available in our catalog for your VEEV research, including: antisera, monoclonal antibodies, and nucleic acids. Search the catalog now for a complete listing of reagents available.

Featured DNA: NR-3071, Genomic DNA from Monkeypox Virus, WRAIR 7-61

Monkeypox VirusMonkeypox is a member of the Orthopoxvirus Genus in the Poxviridae Family. It is an important pathogen and has the highest profile in the genus since the eradication of Variola (Smallpox) in the 1970’s. We have Genomic DNA available from the WRAIR 7-61 strain. This preparation is free from residual virus, allowing molecular work at a reduced biosafety level. 

Also please see our Highlights page for a new Monkeypox Virus Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assay that is now available (NR-9531).