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Vector Resources

The Vector Resource materials within BEI Resources aims to support research to discover new ways to prevent the spread of disease. Vectors—organisms that transmit pathogens to hosts—include mosquitoes, ticks, triatomine bugs, sand flies, black flies, tsetse flies, fleas, mites and certain freshwater snails.  BEI Resources currently supplies mosquitoes, ticks, reduviids, sand flies and snails to researchers. We are looking to expand the current resource to include all of the vectors above. 

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Inquiries regarding the availability of live fleas may be placed with Joe Hinnebusch at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories.

Inquiries regarding Tsetse flies can be made to the Aksoy Lab at Yale School of Public Health.

Looking for Black Flies?  University of Georgia Entomology Department scientists maintain the world’s oldest established reproductively isolated research colony of black flies, Simulium vittatum Zetterstedt cytospecies IS-7.  The colony was initiated at Cornell University in 1981 and moved to UGA in 1991.  Contact Elmer Gray for details.

Tick Cell Lines can be obtained from ATCC. A number of tick cell lines are also available through The Tick Cell Biobank housed at the Pirbright Institute, UK.


Athropod Containment Assurance - Sand Flies


Methods in Anopheles Research Manual (2nd edition)

This insectary / laboratory protocols and reference guide was orginally produced for MR4 by Mark Benedict and colleagues and is updated with new protocol additions at the CDC.

Additional Chapter Additions

Malaria Protocols

The 5th Edition of Methods in Malaria Research, update version 5.2 (January 2009). This widely used laboratory manual is updated occasionally.

Sand Fly Maintenance Protocols from Walter Reed Army Institute For Research


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