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Genetic Marker Strains

A. gambiae and A. arabiensis plasmid control papers

Mosquito Cell Line: A. stephensi MSQ43: MRA-858

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Genomic DNA

MRA-142 derived from G3 strain Anopheles gambiae genomic DNA
MRA-143 derived from STECLA strain Anopheles albimanus genomic DNA
MRA-144 derived from STE2 strain Anopheles stephensi genomic DNA
MRA-146 derived from F1 strain Anopheles freeborni genomic DNA
MRA-147 derived from ORLANDO strain Anopheles quadrimaculatus genomic DNA
MRA-495 derived from KGB strain Anopheles arabiensis genomic DNA
MRA-146 derived from F1 strain Anopheles freeborni genomic DNA


MRA-336 Anopheles gambiae rDNA Identification Set A. gambiae complex oligonucleotides

Preserved Mosquitoes

MRA-132K A. gambiae G3 Male/Female kit
MRA-133K A. albimanus STECLA Male/Female kit
MRA-134K A. stephensi STE2 Male/Female kit
MRA-136K A. freeborni F1 Male/Female kit
MRA-137K A. quadrimaculatus ORLANDO Male/Female kit
MRA-339K A. arabiensis KGB Male/Female kit
MRA-489K A. farauti FAR1 Male/Female kit
MRA-132B A. gambiae G3 Bulk collection
MRA-133B A. albimanus STECLA Bulk collection
MRA-134B A. stephensi STE2 Bulk collection
MRA-136B A. freeborni F1 Bulk collection
MRA-137B A. quadrimaculatus ORLANDO Bulk collection
MRA-339B A. arabiensis KGB Bulk collection
MRA-489B A. farauti FAR1 Bulk collection
MRA-493B A. atroparvus EBRO Bulk collection