Custom Items

Custom Items Offered by the MR4

Custom mosquito items can be prepared on a one-time basis without fees (except shipping) including the following:

  • Time-staged frozen embryos

  • Insecticide-selected mosquitoes

  • Gravid preserved females

  • Frozen or chemically preserved larvae of particular instars

  • Chemical-exposed preserved mosquitoes

  • Virgin, mated, unfed, and blood-fed adults either alive or preserved (subject to availability of courier services)

  • Small amounts of preserved dissected tissues of any stage from any MR4 holding

  • <20 ug of genomic DNA from any stock in the MR4 holdings

It is impossible to foresee all possible items. If you need a product not listed here, please contact us. When ordering, simply place a “C” after the MRA number to specify which stock you want materials to be derived from.

*All living mosquito shipments are reviewed by a committee prior to shipping to ensure that the facilities and location to which the mosquitoes are being shipped meets a basic set of safety requirements for that species.