20 Years of BEI Resources


BEI Resources is celebrating its 20th year providing unique reagents supporting infectious disease research to the global scientific community!


Since its founding by NIAID in 2003, the BEI Resources program has served as a centralized resource providing high-quality microbial pathogens and reagents to the infectious disease research community free-of-charge. We have had the opportunity to work with and assist many researchers from all over the world by fulfilling our mission to acquire, authenticate, produce and preserve research and reference reagents. BEI Resources appreciates the generosity of the many researchers who shared their materials and acknowledge their vital role in the success of this program.


We would like to share several notable BEI Resources highlights accomplished in our first 20 years:

More than 15,000 items are currently available for order on the BEI Resources website. These include a broad selection of unique, quality-assured microorganisms ranging from NIAID Category A, B, and C priority pathogens and emerging infectious disease agents to non-pathogenic microbes and other microbiological materials of relevance to the research community. 


Reagents from BEI Resources have been cited in over 9,000 scientific papers describing a variety of applications in a broad range of infectious disease research. Many of these uses include drug discovery screening, infection models, gene expression studies and generation of transgenic cell lines supporting the development and evaluation of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. 


Did you know that research and diagnostic materials from BEI Resources have assisted in emergency research responses for a number of pandemics and outbreaks around the world?



If you would like more information on registration, making a deposit or if you need help finding the best materials for your research, our Customer Care team is here to help. Please give us a call at (800) 359-7370 or send an email to Contact@BEIResources.org

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