HIV Dependency CRISPR Guide Library


Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) must hijack host cellular machinery to establish infection successfully. These host proteins, known as dependency factors, play roles in every stage of the HIV-1 life cycle. The HIV Dependency CRISPR Guide Library, now available from BEI Resources as HRP-20293, was constructed to identify these HIV dependency factors.

This library comprises 525 genes targeted by 8 guides and 210 nontargeting control (NTC) guides, totaling 4,401 guides utilizing the HIV-CRISPR vector (ARP-13567). Upon infection with a specific HIV strain, newly produced virions will encapsidate the HIV-CRISPR genome in trans. Therefore, if a dependency factor has been knocked out, these cells will support less productive infection, leading to fewer HIV-CRISPR genomes containing the sgRNA being packaged and released from infected cells. The relative depletion of sgRNAs in the viral supernatant, compared to genomic DNA, serves as the readout. This system can further help to elucidate the pathways HIV-1 exploits and holds significant implications for designing anti-HIV-1 therapeutics and strategies for HIV cure.


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ARP-13567 HIV-CRISPR Vector
HRP-20293 HIV-1 Dependency CRISPR Guide Library


TEM of HIV-1 virus particles (red/gold) budding and replicating from a segment of a chronically infected H9 cell (green)



1. Montoya, V. R., et al. “A Virus-Packageable CRISPR System Identifies Host Dependency Factors Co-Opted by Multiple HIV-1 Strains.” mBio 14 (2023): e0000923. PubMed: 36744886.

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