Multidrug-Resistant Candida auris

Candida auris is an emerging multidrug-resistant pathogenic yeast, which causes invasive infections and outbreaks in nosocomial settings resulting in high mortality. Since it was first described in 2009, C. auris has been isolated in over 30 countries on 6 continents, with the earliest known isolate from 1996 discovered during a retrospective review of unidentified yeasts.1,2,3

C. auris has a strong phylogeographic structure comprising four distinct clades, South Asia, East Asia, South Africa and South America, separated by tens of thousands of SNPs, with smaller clusters identified in some clades.3 This high level of relatedness and low genetic diversity within clades suggests clades emerged independently and near-simultaneously in four distinct locations rather than a single spread.1,3

Clinical isolates from a hospital in Pakistan, the site of a 2014 C. auris outbreak5, have been deposited to BEI Resources and represent bloodstream infections with varied antifungal resistance profiles to azole and polyene drug classes. More information about the resistance profiles of these isolates is available in the BEI Resources Antimicrobial Database and on the individual product web pages and documentation

BEI Resources No.       Product Description
NR-52713 Candida auris, Strain AKU-2017-385
NR-52714 Candida auris, Strain AKU-2018-257
NR-52715 Candida auris, Strain AKU-2019-111



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Image:  Medical illustration of Candida auris fungal organisms (CDC/Medical Illustrator: Stephanie Rossow)

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