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The Vector Resource materials within BEI Resources aims to support research to discover new ways to prevent the spread of disease. Vectors—organisms that transmit pathogens to hosts—include mosquitoes, ticks, triatomine bugs, sand flies, black flies, tsetse flies, fleas, mites and certain freshwater snails.  BEI Resources currently supplies mosquitoes, ticks, reduviids, sand flies and snails to researchers. We are looking to expand the current resource to include all of the vectors above. 

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These protocols were assembled as a result of The Vector Biology Research Resources Workshop held in Bethesda, MD on June 12, 2015.  Expert vector biologists who have extensive expertise in husbandry for their particular research organism gathered to discuss available standard operating procedures available and needs in this regard.  It was concluded that uniform protocols, available from a centralized, highly reputable source, would be of tremendous value to the research community.  The protocol you are using was written by these authors and peer-reviewed by the team of experts assembled for the workshop.

Methods in Anopheles Research Laboratory Manual.  This insectary / laboratory protocols and reference guide was orginally produced for MR4 by Paul Howell and Mark Benedict and colleagues and is updated with new chapters and protocols (2015 edition, 408 pages, 12.5MB).

Open the PDF link above directly in your network browser or right click (Windows users) and save to your local disk. The PDF contains bookmarks for navigation to individual chapters and sections.

Methods in Malaria Research, 6th Edition (2013), edited by Kirsten Moll, Inger Ljungström, Hedvig Perlmann, Artur Scherf and Mats Wahlgren. EVIMalaR, Glasgow, UK; BEI Resources/MR4, Manassas, VA USA (2013, 499 pp., 7.5MB).  This widely used laboratory manual is updated occasionally.  Open directly in your network browser or right click (Windows users) and save a bookmarked PDF copy to your local drive.  If you have protocols you would like to submit to BEI Resources / MR4 for posting on the web and for consideration in future editions of the Methods manuals, or have other comments or suggestions, please email

Methods in Flea Research (3MB)

Sand Fly Maintainance and Rearing Insectary Manual, created by Walter Reed Army Institute for Research (2016)

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