Methods in Malaria Research

Methods in Malaria Research, 6th Edition (2013)

edited by
Kirsten Moll, Inger Ljungström, Hedvig Perlmann,
Artur Scherf, Mats Wahlgren 


Glasgow, UK

Manassas, Virginia

The 6th Edition of Methods in Malaria Research (2013).  This widely used laboratory manual is updated occasionally.  If you have protocols you would like to submit to MR4 for posting on the web and for consideration in future editions of the Methods, or have other comments or suggestions, please email

Open directly in your network browser or right click (Internet Explorer users) and save a PDF format copy to your local drive.  Printed copies are available to MR4 registered users upon request.  Additional protocols, content and support files may be posted on the Reagents>Protocols submenu of this website.

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 Ó2013 Kirsten Moll, Inger Ljungström, Hedvig Perlmann, Artur Scherf and Mats Wahlgren