Custom Mosquitoes

Custom Mosquito Reagents (MRA-CMR)

Users can place a special order request for custom mosquito reagents on a one-time basis including the following:

a. Time-staged frozen embryos.
b. Insecticide-selected mosquitoes.
c. Gravid preserved females.
d. Frozen or chemically preserved larvae of particular instars.
e. Chemical-exposed preserved mosquitoes.
f. Virgin, mated, unfed, and blood-fed adults either alive or preserved (subject to availability of courier services).
g. Small amounts of preserved dissected tissues of any stage from any MR4 holding.
h. <20 ug of genomic DNA from any stock in the MR4 holdings.
i. If you need a product not listed here, please contact MR4 with your request (genomic DNAs, bulk frozen adults, and individual adult kits for several mosquito stocks are available directly from the MR4).

To request a custom mosquito item, please contact MR4 with your request ( and make sure to include the MR4 stock catalog number and description for the mosquito stock of interest. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request and in what time frame to expect the order.  Custom mosquito reagents are subject to availability of the mosquito stock and staff resources and, if your request is accepted, will take additional time to produce.