Sequenced Library Clones

Information on Sequenced Library Clones in the MR4 Collection

MR4 houses several genomic, cDNA and EST sequenced clone libraries from which registered users may request individual clones by special order request to  These clone libraries are not for distribution as a whole set.  To request individual clones from these libraries, users must identify the MR4 library number, library designation, clone ID / accession number and in some cases library plate number / row / column.  MR4 does NOT identify clones for users nor can we run BLAST searches on the libraries.  MR4 does not house sequence data for any of the libraries.  Clone sequence data may be present in one of the standard publicly available databases (e.g. Genbank, AnoBase, TGI (The Gene Index)).  We can only amplify and supply clones for which a library name and proper clone ID is supplied which matches a library and clone ID in our holdings.  Please make sure to include this information when sending your special order request to

For information on which sequenced clone libraries are present in the MR4 collection, please view the files linked below. 

Sequenced genomic and cDNA Clone Libraries

MRA-836 - SGPP Malaria protein expression vectors now available for individual plasmid request from MR4.  Download to view the spreadsheet list and details of SGPP plasmid vectors.