BEI Resources reagents are shared with registered individuals and organizations doing research on Emerging Infections and other relevant areas of interest related to Microbiology. To register you must be affiliated with a public, private, academic, non-profit or for-profit institution. Registrants must demonstrate they work in an established institution with facilities and safety programs appropriate for the Level of registration requested. BEI Resources encourages individuals and organizations to take advantage of our institutional registration process when more than one qualified researcher at an organization is interested in receiving materials from BEI Resources.

Registration with BEI Resources is required to request materials. Registered scientists may request reagents through the BEI Resources catalog online. After your registration application has been approved by NIAID and ATCC, you will receive a login name and password. Use these to log in to the Web site and access the catalog and shopping cart. If you have questions about the application process, contact BEI Resources.

There is no charge for the materials (shipping fees may apply). Some materials may require permits before they are shipped according to regulatory compliance requirements.