How to Order


BEI Resources allows public users to search our web catalog, however, only approved registrants may request reagents from BEI Resources. BEI has four levels of registration which determine what materials researchers are qualified to order. After your registration application has been approved by NIAID and ATCC, you will receive a login name and password. Reagents from BEI Resources can be requested online only.

After logging in, find the reagent you need using the resource or organism search links or the search function. Select the items from the search results to see the product detail pages. After you read the product detail page description, click the "Request this item" button to place the item into your shopping cart. A help guide on How to Order reagents is also available.

There is no charge for the materials, however shipping charges may apply. Some materials may require permits before they are shipped according to federal regulatory compliance requirements. To display the permits needed for a particular item, select the permits link on the item’s product detail page.

Level 3 registration is required before requesting select agents

Important tips on BEI Resources Reagent Requests:

1. Please be advised that BEI Resources distributes reference/research amounts of all our reagents. In order to ensure availability to all qualified researchers, it is our policy to only provide research quantities of a given reagent per year to each registered user.
2. Item availability is subject to change due to limited supply, production costs, withdrawal, regulatory restrictions or other events. Some BEI Resources reagents are not amplifiable and limited to our repository stock on hand. The BEI Resources and MR4 websites list the most current reagent holdings.

3. Please remember the essential program requirement to acknowledge both BEI Resources and/or MR4 and the Depositor of the Reagent(s), as indicated on the Reagent Product Sheet in all publications and presentations resulting from your use of the reagents, whether the reagents are used as standards, controls or modified derivatives. The suggested format for such acknowledgement can be found on each item's catalog detail page.  (See How to Cite)