TBVTRM Research Materials


To receive Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae reagents previously distributed by Colorado State University, you must first register with BEI Resources.  Customers requesting Biosafety Level 1 materials will need to submit the following registration package:

Level 1 Registration Packet
Customers requesting Biosafety Level 2 materials will need to submit the following registration package:

Level 2 Registration Packet

Customers requesting Biosafety Level 3 materials will need to submit the following registration package:

Level 3 Registration Packet
If you need assistance with registration, please contact our customer service staff either by email or by phone, (800) 359-7370.  You can also use the register link to receive instructions on how to register.

Login & Ordering

If you already have a username and password, you can login and begin the order process by searching our catalog for your desired materials.  You must be registered to receive a username and password for ordering materials from BEI resources.

Please note:  Product Information Sheets and QC Data Sheets will only be available via the website and will not be sent with reagent shipments.  To see this information, you must be logged in to the site, and must go to the catalog detail page for the item you are interested in.

Materials Available

Click on Materials Available (above) to browse a complete listing of research materials provided by the TBVTRM contract, as well as information on each reagent. 

-Transposon Mutants
A transposon mutant search is currently available on the BEI Resources website which has direct links to BEI product catalog detail pages for each mutant.  Please click here for redirection to the search.

-Knockout Clone Pools

Twenty M. tuberculosis knockout clone pools and the DeADMAn Microarray Version 1.0, a complimentary reagent for use with the knockout clone pools, can be found by clicking here.

Production Manuals & SOPs

Click on Production Manuals & SOPs to obtain standard operating procedures (SOPs), and production manuals.