Hollow Fiber
SKH1 mouse guinea pig granuloma photo
SKH1 mouse subcutaneously
implanted with two hollow fibers
H&E stained cross-section of implanted hollow
fiber, showing peri-fiber granuloma
Hollow Fiber Model


  • Encapsulation of M. tuberculosis in semi-diffusible hollow fibers
  • Implantation of hollow fibers subcutaneously in mice

Model Features:

  • Accelerated in vivo model of latency
    • Paucibacillary infection
    • Stationary-state CFU counts
    • Increased susceptibility to rifampin compared to isoniazid
  • Rapid formation of peri-fiber granuloma-like lesions
Our Principal Investigator Dr. Petros Karakousis is evaluating the effects of mutants in the Hollow Fiber Model. If you have questions about the Hollow Fiber Model project, please contact Dr. Karakousis at petros@jhmi.edu.