Completed Studies
Completed Studies
1. ΔRv3083-3089 operon in the mouse aerosol model
2. Evaluation of intramacrophage “rapid” and “slow” growing Beijing strains in the mouse model
3. Δmpa (Rv2115c) and ΔuvrB (Rv1633) in the guinea pig aerosol model
4. ΔPE-PGRS51 (Rv3367) and ΔPTRP (Rv0538) in the guinea pig aerosol model
5. ΔRv1771 in the guinea pig aerosol model
6. ΔotsA and ΔtreS in the mouse intravenous infection model
7. Transposon disrupted lipY in the mouse aerosol model
Published Studies
1. DeADMAn study to detect genes essential for in-vivo survival in mouse lungs, Lamichhane et al. Infect. Immun. 73 (4): 2533. (2005)
DeADMAn dataset - View  or Download
2. ΔdlaT (sucB; Rv2215) in the guinea pig aerosol model, R. Bryk et al. Cell Host & Microbe 3:137-45 (2008)
3. ΔsigC in guinea pigs and mice, Abdul-Majid et al. BMC Microbiol 8:151 (2008)
4. Mouse CNS TB model, N. Be et al., J Infect Dis. 198: 1520-8 (2008)
5. Tet-inducible gene expression, Hernandez-Abanto et al. Arch Microbiol 186:459-64 (2006)
6. DeADMAn in mice and guinea pigs, Jain et al. J Infect Dis 195:1634-42 (2007)
7. Imaging and TB drug treatment Jain et al Microbe 3:285-292 (2008)
8. In vitro CNS TB model, Jain et al. J Infect Dis 193:1287-95 (2006)
9. Gene expression during treatment of dormant TB, Karakousis et al. J Antimicrob Chemother 61:323-31 (2008)
10. Metronidazole in in vivo hypoxia model of TB, Klinkenberg et al. J Infect Dis 198:275-83 (2008)
11. ΔMT2175/Rv2115c in mouse TB model, Lamichhane et al. J Infect Dis 194:1233-40 (2006)
12. Rabbit model of TB latency, Manabe et al., Tuberculosis 88:187-96 (2008)
13. HsaC and cholesterol metabolism in Mtb, Yam et al. . PLoS Pathog. 2009 :e1000344
14. M. bovis and extrapulmonary dissemination, Nedeltchev et al. Infect Immun 77:598-603 (2009)
15. ΔdosR-dosS in three animal models, Converse et al. . Infect Immun 77:1230-7 (2009)
16. MmaA4 and thizcetazone susceptibility, Alahari et al. Mol Microbiol 71:1263-77 (2009)
17. CNS TB pathogenesis, Be et al. Curr Mol Med 9:94-99 (2009)
18. Imaging Mtb in live animals, Davis et al. PLoS One. 16;4(7):e629 (2009)
19. Macrophage intoxication by Mtb adenylate cyclase, Agarwal et al. Nature 460:98-102 (2009)
20. Mtb lysX and resistance to CAMP, Maloney et al. PLoS Pathog 5(7): e1000534 (2009)
21. Mycobacterium tuberculosis modulates its cell surface via an oligopeptide permease (Opp) transport system. Flores-Valdez MA et al. FASEB J. 23, 000–000 (2009).
22. ΔsigB in guinea pigs Fontán et al. J Bacteriol 19:5628-5633 (2009)
23. Mouse passaging and M. tuberculosis virulence, Converse et al. PLoS One 5:e10289 (2010)
24. MT2594 (Ldt2Mt2) required for virulence and amoxicillin resistance. Gupta et al. Nat Med. 16:466-469 (2010)
25. PET imaging correlates with anti-TB drug activity. Davis et al Antimicrob Agents Chemother 53:4879-4884 (2009)
26.  Hollow fibers and Artificial Granulomas in Mice. Karakousis et al. J exp Med 200: 647-57 (2004)
27. Methionine aminopeptidases in M. tuberculosis. Olaleye et al. Chem Biol 17:86-97 (2010)
28. Tb granulomas: penitentiary or penthouse for M tb. Paige & Bishai Cell Microbiol 12: 301-309 (2010)
29. Copper resistance and Mtb virulence. Wolschendorf et al. PNAS 108:1621-1626 (2011)
30. Essential Metabolites of Mtb. Lamichhane et al. Mbio e00301-10 (2011)
31. Mtb strain-dependent dissemination to CNS in guinea pigs, Be et al. Tuberculosis 91:386-389 (2011)